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Featured Member – Tops Business Advisory

Tops Business Advisory (TBA) helps businesses across Northern New Jersey lower Merchant Services expense (credit card acceptance – Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc.) We provide Business Owners the advice they need to lower rates and implement best practices. TBA is not affiliated with any bank or credit card processor; we are an independent company that solely focuses on assisting businesses in realizing the greatest monetary savings possible.

Typically, Businesses overpay for Merchant Services related expense by as much as 3%. This cost overpay is driven by the Merchant Services industry inconsistent sales tactics and non-transparent pricing structure. To avoid overpaying, “Knowledge” is the key. Knowing the market value of your Merchant Services business, understanding pricing structures and implementing best practices will help prevent your business from overpaying.

This is where TBA helps Business Owners. We have the market, pricing and best practices knowledge to help business owners “get to where they should be on expenses” rather than “where the merchant services providers want them to be on expenses”. When you hire TBA, there is no up-front cost or commitment. We do not have any set fees – instead, our compensation is based on how much money your business saves!

TBA takes the uncertainty and pain out of Merchant Services.

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